Promoting civility for lasting change.

The Worldwide Civility Council is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting civility in communities, government, workplaces, and in interpersonal interactions.

We partner with organizations to provide training and inspiration for lasting change. Our members are dedicated to creating a culture of respect and understanding, and we welcome professionals and individuals alike to join our movement toward greater unity and harmony.

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Civility Ambassadors understand, value, and promote civility. By becoming a Civility Ambassador, you are communicating your commitment to civility, joining a community of likeminded individuals, and gaining access to helpful tools that will allow you to effectively articulate the value of civility.


The Civility Scorecard is an objective resource that generates independent scoring about difficult, divisive subjects. It is designed to encourage civil speech that opens the door to work more productively with a common understanding of how people are communicating, without the influence of our own subjective bias.


Small businesses, media businesses, and enterprises can all become Certified Civil, which demonstrates credibility and leads to confidence and trust when working with your organization. When your organization embraces civility standards and builds a culture of treating people with dignity and respect, a more positive culture is fostered.


Stay up-to-date on the latest civility news and research, and practice civility skills that will bring peace to your relationships and communities.